“Zero Tolerance for Bullying” Policy

Okay, so I was in middle/highschool- well, I don’t want to age myself…but lets just say that “at one point”, and kids were brutal. When I say “kids,” I am including myself (yep, I WAS A BULLY, we all have been, or were, at some point or another to make ourselves feel better) Kids are just mean.

I CANNOT imagine what it would be like to be in school today, even 5 years ago with everything kids have access to now. I mean, yeah- we had AIM (someone please bring it back) and Xanga profiles (which got us in HUGE, I mean UUUGE trouble when someone’s Dad found them online and decided to print them and deliver the to our parents…that was great)

Anyway, what I’m saying is that being a kid, or trying to grow up too quick back then was tough- and schools have always claimed we have a “zero tolerance for bullying” policy- yes, even back when I was in school….but the truth is, it was such bull$h!t and it still is! I can remember kids in my class not only bullying eachother, but bullying the teachers..

The closest thing I can compare that quote or answer to is my work in property mangement. When a resident complains about something, you don’t just say “welp, that’s in our policies and procedures” or “that’s just our policy.” It’s so much deeper…you educate the resident as to why it’s policy- just like you educate kids about bullying…and I don’t feel like that’s ever happened or is going to happen. I just know if I had kids growing up in school today, I would be heavily on the school’s ass about bullying in general, even if my kid wasn’t being bullied or if my kid was the bully.

Is it just me…or is this whole “zero tolerance” thing a load of crap?

Just sayin. Thoughts/comments?




I have been having some of the weirdest dreams lately…and I can remember them so vividly, every little detail- it’s crazy!! They are like LSD dreams almost…anyway, the last crazy dream I had, I was riding a unicycle- and not just for a few seconds, it was my new mode of transportation…and for some reason during a crazy bad storm to Nelson County from Charlottesville…(I know I’m a weirdo haha) so, I decided to do some research about what a unicycle represents if you have one in your dreams.

Via: http://www.auntyflo.com/dream-dictionary/unicycle


Often a unicycle appears in a dream when you are trying to balance a number of situations in your life.

Striving to cycle to a destination on a unicycle indicates that you are trying to make personal efforts, which are necessary in order to fulfill and achieve future objectives regarding love affairs.

In your dream you may have…

  • You have a unicycle.
  • You are making a trip on a unicycle.
  • You are riding a unicycle.
  • A unicycle’s pedal.
  • A unicycle accident.
  • You are pedaling fast.
  • The light of a unicycle.
  • Taking a unicycle.
  • Going down a hill on a unicycle.
  • Going up the hill on a unicycle.
  • Falling from a unicycle.
  • Another person on a unicycle.
  • Lots of people riding unicycles.

Positive changes are afoot if…

  • You take care of your reputation.
  • You try to be more mature.
  • You become less nervous and sensitive in your endeavors.
  • The dream conveyed a positive experience and you enjoyed the unicycle.

Detailed dream interpretation

Riding a unicycle in your dream is the sign of a prompt success in the waking life. Seeing a unicycle pedal means you are realistic and down to earth. If you are pedaling fast on your unicycle, this is the omen of financial gains and lucky business deals. Seeing a unicycle’s light refers to distrust and stubbornness in relationships with others, while fixing a unicycle in your dream means you are nervous and sensitive.

A unicycle could mean a marriage or wedding is coming your way, or that you will have more benefits and gains in your business. If in your dream you have a unicycle, this means tender news in the near future. Taking a trip on a unicycle refers to the fact that you are spending money a bit too easily.

This dream is suggestive of a rather functional attitude towards self-motivation. You probably need to look for balance in your emotions and feelings when encountering other people. If you are male and you dream of a unicycle, then you are going to have to deal with some of your childhood’s memories. To fall off a unicycle indicates that you have misplaced situations in your waking life.

A climb up a hill on a unicycle is a sign that you should take care of your reputation, and you have to avoid accidents. A unicycle going down a hill predicts good results for your plans.

Younger people dream of a unicycle because they want to achieve something through their own effort, such as a good grade at school, or doing excellent apprentice work. Sometimes you could dream that you are riding a unicycle with your partner, which foretells a trip without troubles, but also a life without obstacles. Having a flat tire on a unicycle is the sign that something might go wrong with your life partner.

Climbing a hill on a unicycle suggests that you will be able to make things happen on your own, and you will have the chance of success. Going down the hill on a unicycle suggests that you allow yourself to go with the flow, as well as lack of control over some situations in your waking life.

Getting on a unicycle means you focus a lot on your daily strengths and powers. Seeing a unicycle means you will be successful at work. Riding a unicycle could refer to immature and ineffective communication, the desire to be understood, infantile speech, lack of sophistication and maturity in expressing ideas.

Dreaming of a unicycle can foretell a trip coming your way. This trip can also be viewed metaphorically, as a journey into another stage of your life, such as the involvement into a new relationship, or even marriage. Riding a unicycle in a dream can indicate difficult successes and achievements because of immaturity due to the circumstances. However, you will still be successful. Fleeing from someone on a unicycle means drained energy, and big stress.

Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of a unicycle.

Worried. Anxious. Confused. Jolly. Enjoying. Happy. Relaxed.

Anyone else out there keep a dream journal or have any crazy dreams? Comments/thoughts welcome!!

-That Dumb Blonde Girl

My Neck…My Back…

I can’t explain how crazy getting a new mattress has completely changed many factors in my life. For anyone who knows me, I have been in a few (I lost count) very serious car accidents that screwed with my back badly- at one point, I was seeing a chiropractor about 3x a week (at least) I still should be seeing one, but that’s another story,

Anyway…I got a queen size platform bed, but didn’t have a queen size mattress…so I couldn’t stand looking at how silly a full sized mattress looked on it…so I got a Zinus 12” green tea, space foam, glitter infused (probably) mattress haha…acually here’s the link for all of those who have been asking…the price is GREAT and just look at the reviews…don’t waste your money on a Tempurpedic or whatever…these are AMAZING!!

Oh and I just learned this like a little over a year ago, but APPARENTLY, you’re supposed to rotate your mattress every 6 months…does anyone actually do this?? I want to know!! Also, I want to know what you’re sleeping on! Comment away!





Happy Saturday Yall!!

Well, it’s been a heck of a week…turned 29, my grandpa, who I share a birthday with, passed away the next morning…I didn’t get out of bed at all yesterday, with the exception of taking Dude outside and to eat.

Today has been a great day…woke up early, took Dude to the park for a nice long walk..the weather is absolutely beautiful and I did some much needed online shopping. For those who don’t remember, my one-of-a-kind doormat was stolen last year…so, I finally re-ordered it. (Can you padlock a doormat down? lol)

Used Amazon’s, Prime Now for the first time. Game changer.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday! “It’s a beautiful day, don’t let it go to waste”

-That Dumb Blonde Girl