2nd Post

IMG_4028I’ve been sick for over a week now. The only reason I can remember WHEN I started feeling crappy (sore throat) was the day after my neighbor **d*** (not identifying him for a reason) came over to hang out. Today marks day 4 that I’ve been completely without a voice. It sucks, but according to the masses, this raspy thing is kinda hot…just call me Gina Grey. Anyway, the reason I posted this is because yeah, I feel and have felt like complete $h!t for over a weekish now, but I still get up and get ready and kick the day’s @$$.

Have you had the dreaded plague that’s going around? If so, what remedies work best for you? I want to know 🙂 Anyways, I’ll holler ❤ xox

-That Dumb Blonde Girl


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