My 1st (maybe) Geographic Change

I've lived in the same small town, Charlottesville, Va for my entire life...born and raised...born in the same hospital my momma was born in.
I've said for YEARS that I want to get out of Cville...but it was all talk until recently. I applied for a position out in Beaverton (near Portland) Oregon and it's looking pretty promising (fingers crossed)
I'm super excited..but I am also TERRIFIED. I don't know a single soul out there and it's literally across the entire country. I think that it'll be good for me...Charlottesville has nothing more to offer me and I really feel like at the age of 27 (almost 28) I have not been living life...I've just been in it. I want to experience places, people, life.
Have you done something ballsy like this? Any advice or anyone want to share a similar experience?? I need it :)
-That Dumb Blonde Girl

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