“Zero Tolerance for Bullying” Policy

Okay, so I was in middle/highschool- well, I don’t want to age myself…but lets just say that “at one point”, and kids were brutal. When I say “kids,” I am including myself (yep, I WAS A BULLY, we all have been, or were, at some point or another to make ourselves feel better) Kids are just mean.

I CANNOT imagine what it would be like to be in school today, even 5 years ago with everything kids have access to now. I mean, yeah- we had AIM (someone please bring it back) and Xanga profiles (which got us in HUGE, I mean UUUGE trouble when someone’s Dad found them online and decided to print them and deliver the to our parents…that was great)

Anyway, what I’m saying is that being a kid, or trying to grow up too quick back then was tough- and schools have always claimed we have a “zero tolerance for bullying” policy- yes, even back when I was in school….but the truth is, it was such bull$h!t and it still is! I can remember kids in my class not only bullying eachother, but bullying the teachers..

The closest thing I can compare that quote or answer to is my work in property mangement. When a resident complains about something, you don’t just say “welp, that’s in our policies and procedures” or “that’s just our policy.” It’s so much deeper…you educate the resident as to why it’s policy- just like you educate kids about bullying…and I don’t feel like that’s ever happened or is going to happen. I just know if I had kids growing up in school today, I would be heavily on the school’s ass about bullying in general, even if my kid wasn’t being bullied or if my kid was the bully.

Is it just me…or is this whole “zero tolerance” thing a load of crap?

Just sayin. Thoughts/comments?




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