My Neck…My Back…

I can’t explain how crazy getting a new mattress has completely changed many factors in my life. For anyone who knows me, I have been in a few (I lost count) very serious car accidents that screwed with my back badly- at one point, I was seeing a chiropractor about 3x a week (at least) I still should be seeing one, but that’s another story,

Anyway…I got a queen size platform bed, but didn’t have a queen size mattress…so I couldn’t stand looking at how silly a full sized mattress looked on it…so I got a ZinusĀ 12” green tea, space foam, glitter infused (probably) mattress haha…acually here’s the link for all of those who have been asking…the price is GREAT and just look at the reviews…don’t waste your money on a Tempurpedic or whatever…these are AMAZING!!

Oh and I just learned this like a little over a year ago, but APPARENTLY, you’re supposed to rotate your mattress every 6 months…does anyone actually do this?? I want to know!! Also, I want to know what you’re sleeping on! Comment away!